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Pixel Bomb Games - Environment Artist  

Releases: Beyond Flesh and Blood (PC, Steam) 

Primary responsibilities included creation of generic assets and set pieces for dystopian streets of future Manchester using the Unreal Engine 4. Working closely with the design team to ensure the high mobility combat was never obstructed. Other tasks also included the level lighting, mesh/level optimization.

“Exploiting the great weakness of all humans to want anything that involves stompy robots with guns, Beyond is a third-person shooter set primarily in Manchester in 2281. Adam being long dead/encased in protective titanium until he is truly needed, it’s up to you to save humanity by shooting a bunch of aliens.”  - Rock Paper Shotgun 


GaffaTape Games - Environment/Technical Artist  

WIP: Skald: Tales of the Tundra (PC, Steam) 

Skald is an ambitious game about going on a journey and telling stories.

You play as a Viking traveller, sailing the rivers and coastlines of Scandinavia. On your journey, you’ll meet people, and to pass the time, you’ll exchange stories. And by “telling stories”, I don’t mean multiple choice dialogues. I’m talking about text boxes with free form writing. Your companion will tell you a story, and you’ll be given the opportunity to respond to it with one of your own. If your story is a good one, they might tell you something interesting. If not, they might decide to find something else to occupy their time.

Beneath this is an exploration game. You’ve set out on a journey to find something you care about, be it your father’s killer or a lost heirloom. The people you meet can give you clues as to where to go next, as well as hints of other things to do, but only if you can impress them with a story that jogs their memory. At the same time, you need to eat, and travelling through the rocky, icy water can be dangerous, and your boat can get damaged. To pay for food and repairs, you can pick up paying passengers, but they might not share your destination. 

The hope is that the game will become a fun way to engage people in creative writing, by layering storytelling on a game that tightly integrates with the stories you tell.


After graduation I was approached by an animator to create a small Environment for a animation sequence about the Wright Brothers about how they invented the Wright Flyer in a comical fashion. 

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